Sponsorship Policy

Levarht's sponsorship policy focusses on promoting a healthy lifestyle for children. A healthy lifestyle at a young age helps to prevent disease at a later age.

We want to help encourage children to eat a healthy diet and take plenty of exercise. Education plays a big role in providing information about all the fruits and vegetables that the world has to offer.

That is why we have opted for two initiatives which we intend to support for some time to come. We believe that a long-term partnership will achieve long-lasting results.

We are proud to tell you more about the two social initiatives that we support:


Local involvement: Young People at a Healthy Weight in Aalsmeer

The JOGG initiative (Young People at a Healthy Weight) aims to promote healthy diet and exercise for young people, and make it attractive for them.  The municipality of Aalsmeer takes part in JOGG and, together with Levarht, the council and other parties have joined forces to promote the JOGG values in Aalsmeer. In Aalsmeer, we work together to make the healthy choice the normal one. Almost one in eight children in Aalsmeer between the ages of 5 and 11 are overweight. The percentage of people with obesity increases with age. The JOGG initiative is contributing to calling a halt to the upward trend to obesity among children in Aalsmeer.

International involvement: ChildsLife

ChildsLife believes that every child has a right to a home, food, education and healthcare. No child should live in poverty. On this basis, a child becomes stronger and has opportunities to build up his or her own future. ChildsLife aims to help local organisations and communities to become self-sufficient. Only then is help sustainable, ensuring an independent future without any need for support from ChildsLife or other aid organisations.

In Kenya, ChildsLife is involved in building new schools for children, as well as renovating existing schools. Water tanks with rainwater harvesting systems have been installed in the schools so that they have access to water. ChildsLife has also built greenhouses at schools where various vegetables are cultivated. These vegetables ensure that the children can have a hot meal. Surplus vegetables are sold at the local market. The profits are reinvested in the school, for example for teaching materials, teachers' salaries or for maintenance purposes.

Growing vegetables is Levarht's raison d’être: so this is the perfect match. Together with our partners, we provide expertise, education and materials to ensure that these children can eat enough healthy, fresh vegetables all year round.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]