Sprouts - Flower

Our grower Eelco van Putten located in Dirksland in The Netherlands is a true specialist in growing sprouts. Eelco van Putten is a young, entrepreneur, innovative and always looking for specialties.

So we are proud to introduce to you the Flower Sprouts/ Kale blossoms. Surprisingly tasteful and a decoration on your plate. The new vegetable is grown in Holland, in the traditional but yet modern and environment friendly basis Holland is famous for.

Characteristics of the flower sprouts/ kale blossoms:   

-      Special in shape and color

-      Lightly sweet and mild cabbage flavour

-      Fresh and crispy


Would you like to know more about our sprouts grower Eelco van Putten? Click here. 

For more information about our flower sprouts, please contact with [email protected] 

Flower sprouts
Product group: 
Storage temperatures: 
1-4 °C - 33 - 39 F
Global Gap
Week 44 to 5