Snack veggies

Candiezz are sensible, tasty snacks to still your hunger between meals. They have a great bite and are so sweet that you’ll find you’ve eaten them all in less than no time.

And don’t underestimate the snack peppers and snack cucumbers. They are delicious as well!


Candiezz are available in a wide range of packaging possibilities, ideal to take along to the office. But of course their contents will whet people’s appetite at home or school too.

The delicious Candiezz snack tomatoes can also be mixed with tasty yellow cherry tomatoes of a specially selected variety. Grown in the Mediterranean, these yellow cherry tomatoes make for a unique taste experience in the Netherlands.


The mixtures come in handy 250g tubs that are ideal to take along on a journey, or to the office, school or the gym.

The range Candiezz boxes are appealing and eye-catching and suitable for different products. Of course promotional support is possible.


Please feel free to consult us about your wishes. For more information about Candiezz, please contact: [email protected]

Snack tomatoes
Snack cucumbers
Snack peppers
Storage temperatures: 
10 °C - 50F
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