Harbour Edge Avocados Ltd.

04 May, 2017

Harbour Edge Avocados Ltd. (HEAL) in Tapora, the  joint venture between Levarht, Inger and Alexander families, on the Tapora Peninsula, planted its first avocado plants in 2015. In 2016 it continued to plant in the second phase. By the end of this year, 25.000 plants will have been planted.


Northland, with its cool nights and humid summers, is considered to have an ideal climate for the avocado crop. Tapora Peninsula, with its sandy soils is the ideal environment to grow avocados. For this cultivation you particularly need very free draining and airy soil. Sand is therefore the perfect base. Apart from the fact that it is the ideal environment to grow avocados, this piece of nature is also favourable for a special bird, the bar-tailed Godwit.


This special bird is a big wading bird, that breeds on Arctic coasts and tundras and which winters in the extraordinary Tapora Peninsula region. The bar-tailed Godwits make the longest known non-stop flight of all the migratory birds and also the longest journey without resting and eating, 11.680 kilometres  along a route from Alaska to New Zealand. Via China, they will fly back after their wintering.


Together with the government, a project has been initiated to ensure that this sandy island will stay the favourable environment for these special guests. Time and money will be invested by HEAL, in planting native trees and creating wetlands.
China has also agreed to protect the particular wetland in China these birds use as a feeding stop on their long migration.


Apart from this we look forward to see our own Hass avocados in the shops soon, we are also proud that our partner has this unique area  around this island at heart.
That is why we would like to share this story with you.


First planting