Van Dalen Paprika B.V.

The Van Dalen Paprika BV nursery is located in Brakel, Gelderland. Leen and his wife Hennie have been growing bell peppers here for over 25 years. The couple started out growing strawberries and chicory on 2400 m2, but since 1989 they have been growing green peppers. The business now covers 5 hectares, and Leen and Hennie’s daughter also works for the company.

The young plants are planted around 1 December, and harvesting starts in the first week of March. The best time during cultivation, according to grower Leen van Dalen, is around March-time when you can still see over the top of the crop, but can already harvest it. The harvesting period runs until the end of October. Constant attention is paid in the nursery to the plants, diseases and the employees. Quality and clean working are important in the nursery - biological pesticides are used wherever possible.

Leen van Dalen: “The tastiest peppers are the multicoloured peppers: that’s when the peppers are just ripening. These peppers remain fresh the longest and taste good.“

Personal name: 
Leen van Dalen