Certified products and good quality control are of ever growing importance to consumers, supermarkets and trading companies. We want our products to reach the store fresh and clean, and in order to guarantee this we pay great attention to our quality and distribution procedures.

Your source of freshness

We start at the source. Levarht believes it is vital that it supplies top quality, safe products. We also want to ensure that the customer’s wishes are met. To give you an idea of the quality standards that our growers meet, you can find details of the certifications for each grower on this website. 

Our employees

Our employees’ wellbeing is a key area of our corporate policy. Levarht received the WCA Achievement Award in 2012. In order to achieve this award the working conditions, pay, hours worked, health and safety, quality system and environmental impact are audited by an independent certifying body.


All packaging supplied by Levarht includes a code. This code makes it possible to trace where the product came from, even in store, right down to the plot! If there is a quality or food safety issue, we can find out what happened during cultivation, harvesting, packing or shipping. This makes the whole chain of production completely transparent. 


In order to guarantee the best quality, freshness and food safety, Levarht is certified for IFS Food, BRC Food, RIK, SKAL and Field to Fork. 

We have also been an Authorised Economic Operator since 2011, and a Known Consigner for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee since 2012. A company with this status is viewed as trustworthy, which means that both import and export checks take up less time. This means that the product arrives faster and is therefore even fresher.